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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Both ceramic and porcelain tile are permanently sealed from the manufacturers, however, the grout is not. What Superior Carpet Cleaning regularly encounters is layers of over-the-counter cleaner build-up. This causes the tile and grout to appear darker, dirtier, and dingier, not to mention full of harmful bacteria.

In our 22 years of tile and grout cleaning, we have discovered that , in most cases, we are cleaning this residue as opposed to just dirt.

Our special tile and grout cleaning attachments combined with our high-powered, truck-mounted equipment will remove both dirt, oils, and residues from the tile and grout without making a mess in your home. Our method leaves no chemical residue and will be mostly dry by the time we leave.

Once your tile and grout are looking great again, we offer a heavy-duty grout sealant that can help prevent future grout staining.