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Carpet and upholstery cleaning services, especially those that are performed by Genie Cleaning via Arvada carpet cleaning can actually have a positive impact on the health and well being of homeowners.

Dust mites, mildew, fungi, molds, and allergens, among others can accumulate on carpets, rugs, and upholstery overtime. Before being removed, these harmful elements can easily spread out of the air within the fibers of these floor coverings. To add, other floor accessories allow allergens to propagate within each footstep. As such, it leads to sneezing and wheezing for people with allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Understanding the health benefits of Arvada carpet cleaning by Genie carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Rooms Sq. Ft. Price
2 Rooms up to 300 $39.99
3 Rooms up to 400 $49.99
4 Rooms up to 600 $59.99
5 Rooms up to 700 $69.99
6 Rooms up to 800 $79.99
Stairs $2 each
  • $0.10/sqft for basic cleaning anything over 700 sqft
  • Additional charge for urine; priced on-site
  • Additional $0.15-$0.30/sqft for heavy traffic areas or stains (not entire room, just bad areas)
  • $99 minimum for 3rd floor apartments

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it is beneficial to avail of the services of Arvada carpet cleaning that are carried out by Genie Cleaning, especially during summer and spring time when pollens and other airborne elements are quite rampant. Also, carpets and other floor covering materials should always be vacuumed every once in a while and extensively cleaned by trained professionals who perform Arvada carpet cleaning at least every six months. Such simple undertaking can ensure healthier and more eye-catching home atmospheres.

Because of a myriad of health problems that can be developed from carpets, it is important to keep carpets and upholsteries as clean as possible on a routinely manner. Not only will it allow homeowners to enjoy the said commodities for longer periods, it can provide monetary savings on a long term basis because clean and well-maintained carpets will add longevity to these prized commodities.

This is because getting them cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals that are employed by Genie Cleaning in Arvada can successfully eliminate or slow down wear and tear damages that are brought upon by dirt, mildew, and other elements. Therefore professionally cleaning carpets and upholsteries can significantly protect valuable investments.

By utilizing state of the art equipment, the expert staff of Genie Carpet Cleaning in Arvada, Colorado will most assuredly take down all stains, dust, and parasites that are lurking deep within your carpets and upholsteries. Homeowners who reside in the area can employ Arvada carpet cleaning without worrying of low quality cleaning services.

This is because the trained personnel are fully equipped with the necessary skills that are required to eliminate harmful elements that accumulate on relatively clean carpets and cause a myriad of harmful health conditions. Simply put, cleaner carpet, upholsteries, and furnishings, among others mean less allergies and asthma attacks and may lead to a higher quality of life and improved well-being.


Truth to tell, carpet cleaning does not have to be too expensive to obtain its health and aesthetic benefits. This is because contrary to many beliefs, the cleaning services of reputable carpet cleaning companies like Genie cleaning do not charge their clients with sky high rates. In fact compared to other institutions the said company charges a fair amount while at the same time offers extensive cleaning services.

Plus their trained staff members have what it takes to deliver reliable cleaning without compromising the health and well being of their clients. As such, employing their services is a good form of investment which any homeowner can do for themselves and for their loved ones.

Overall, carpet cleaning tasks that are offered by Genie Cleaning is a must for every homeowner living in and around the Arvada area is also crucial for those who want aesthetically pleasing surroundings that are free from dirt, allergens, and other harmful elements.

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